Fillings: White fillings anterior teeth from €105
White fillings posterior teeth from €115
Silver fillings posterior teeth from €105

Occasionally fillings that are more complex in nature and require longer time to place will cost €135 - €195. It is usual, though not always possible, to advise of the additional degree of difficulty before commencing treatment.

Most fillings are placed under rubber-dam isolation (making it easier to get a better, longer-lasting result) and with the aid of an operating microscope (to help improve treatment outcomes). Fillings placed in this way consistently last two or three times longer than the average filling.

All front tooth fillings are with tooth coloured materials. Where back teeth have sufficient enamel present to bond to, tooth coloured materials will be used. In cases where there is insufficient enamel present, usually below gum level, then silver amalgem will be used. This is because tooth coloured fillings have an excellent bond to enamel but a poor bond to dentine. Silver fillings however perform very well in these conditions as the silver is antibacterial. Where very large fillings can be placed this can avoid or postpone the need for crown placement.

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