Digital x-rays (significantly reduced x-ray dosage compared with conventional film based dental x-rays) are taken initially to examine bone levels, tooth and root morphology, assess shape and number of root canals where necessary, note and assess existing fillings, crowns, root canal treatments and to examine for decay, dead teeth, failing treatment, in order to formulate a Treatment Plan, listing all possible treatment options, to be discussed with the patient.

X-rays are normally included in the examination fee. Rarely, where x-rays are necessary to establish a diagnosis at an initial visit for a filling or extraction, there may be a fee (€20 - €30) for the x-rays taken and the diagnosis (this is where a patient has not attended for examination, and presents requiring immediate diagnosis and treatment e.g. for pain relief).

Extra-oral x-rays (OPG) €50

3D Cone beam CT scan (CBCT) €125 where necessary to establish a diagnosis. Where necessary during root-canal treatment there will be no additional fee for the 3D scan.

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